Heather’s Healthy Lifestyle Makeover

Note from Oonagh:

When I first read Heather’s story, I thought her lifestyle would be hard to improve on!

As you’ll see – she is kind of a straight A student when it comes to fitness.

But then I spotted a few areas that could be tweaked that will give her much better results…

Let me know if you spot them before watching the video! – O

The Stats








My fitness goals are focused on endurance cycling. Being able to travel and ride with my boyfriend. Right now I am only able to ride with him on his recovery days. Due to my weight climbing hills is a struggle and huge effort. It would be nice for us to plan a vacation where we can do 100km rides together not worrying about terrain or location. This summer we are going to Portugal and I fear riding won’t be part of my trip due to the hills.


I am a person who works hard, I think in terms of challenges right now its losing weight. Weight loss would increase my overall fitness. In January 2017 I have done Moksha Yoga every day and spent over 10 hours on my bike (on a trainer). I have seen improvements in my strength, my endurance and my performance. No weight loss, very little change in my body and clothes. Its the struggle of working hard with little to no results that is my challenge.

Typical day:

Wake 5:30, Ride my bike for 30mins, Eat breakfast drive to work at 7am, leave work 4pm Yoga at 4:30. Home. Make dinner, eat 7:15pm (due to husbands training schedule) get ready for bed between 9-9:30


Coffee, Muesli Pita with Natural peanut butter and skiff of creamed honey


Salad with olive oil and vinegar, half a chicken breast, 1 slice of homemade sourdough. 1 cup homemade soup. (this is often eaten in stages over a couple of hours)


Daytime Buckin eh oats around 9:30 am 1/3 cup.

Sometimes an orange at some point in the morning or afternoon.

0% greek yogurt with 4 tbsp of homemade granola (chia, flax and wheat germ)

Night 250 ml of almond milk with vega protien and greens powder


Chicken breast, Pork Chop or Cod, basmati rice and broccoli. occasionally we add a salad


How happy are you with the state of your health? (scale of 1-10)


How happy with how you look?



Anything else I should know?

Last year I put 2500 km on my bike 2000 of those outside on the road.

I did not see a significant change in my body and my weight remained relatively the same.

I am wearing all the same clothes with really no change in fit.

I have hovered for the past few years between 180 and 190 pounds, with no significant difference regardless of the changes I have made.

I am frustrated, everything I do and have done would result in change for the average person.

I have had blood work done, I have had the celiac test, other than high iron everything is normal.

I don’t need to be a stick just need to be a healthy weight. Right now I am carrying and extra 30-40 pounds and its really difficult.

So….what advice would YOU give Heather?

Oonagh gives Heather a Healthy Lifestyle Makeover!

Resources for Heather:

Online bike training classes she can do from home:

Zwift  (classes you can stream at home to your TV or computer)

Peloton (an app)

Online yoga:

Yoga with Adrienne (a Youtube Channel)

Gaia (a paid streaming service)

Alternative breakfasts

Oonagh’s Favourite Smoothie

1/2 banana

2 cups kale

1 cup almond millk

1/2 cup blueberries

1 scoop Vega with greens

1 tbsp chia or flax seed

Simple scramble breakfast

2 eggs

1 handful of spinach

1 slice of Ezekial sprouted bread

Must reads:

What everyone ought to know about cycling for fitness. (This goes into more detail on how to get the most out of your cycling training and includes a workout for cyclists)

How to not exercise (this will explain more about why it’s so important to take time off!)


Leave a comment!

Did any part of Heather’s story resonate with you?

Do you have any tips for Heather that have worked for you?

Want to tell her that you are rooting for her and her upcoming trip?

Leave a comment below! 🙂


The 6 things I did to lose 25 lbs in 9 months

Last week I asked some of my most successful clients:


I’m a personal trainer  – but there is something pretty awesome about tapping into a hive mind of normal people (with jobs and kids and social lives) who have collectively lost hundreds of pounds and completely changed their fitness trajectory.

They had a lot to say – and I’m so excited to share it with you in a series called Transformer Tips, starting with Holly.

Holly was actually our Fitness Story a few months ago. Since then, she’s reflected on the 6 things she did that actually delivered the results:

The 6 Things I did to Lose 25lbs in 9 months

by Holly Best

Scrimmaging through the storage closet for the only power cord we apparently own in the entire house, I stumbled upon our family scale.

Odd – as I had sworn I had thrown that sucker under the nearest bus this past spring, after it accurately informed me that I had gained 2.5 pounds.

Punch drunk from the paint fumes leaking out from the under a pile of skates, I recklessly decided to give it a go.

And it is at this point we all freak out when I reveal that  I most definitely have lost 25lbs.

Nine months ago, this plump, completely unhealthy, happy Momma (me) decided to get fit by joining all the things that Oonagh has put her name on.

And now with the holidays squarely in my face, I am THAT GIRL – the one who has A Weight-Loss Story.

That’s great, you wonder, but most probably shouting, how the hell did you do it?

Do these 6 things – and you too will be approaching strangers, yelling at them that you lost 25 pounds.


Nothing begins without a willingness to do something, anything.

Just do it for god’s sakes, who cares if

  • your clothes aren’t hip
  • your sneakers are sneakers, not trainers
  • that you tend to turn bright as a tomato after running half a block.

No one, truly cares, NO ONE.

But you will, trust me on this, you will every single time the endorphins hit and that little pride button starts shining.


2. Sweat:

Walking for 2 hrs –  while great – isn’t really going to burn the sweet muffin top off.

After working-out you should be an uncomfortably smelly version of yourself, vindicated by what you have accomplished but disgusted by your own body aura.


3. Support:

Find a support group, a work-out buddy, someone who will make you accountable because guess what losing 25 pounds healthfully is not going to happen after two weeks.

We are talking months people. MONTHS.

Personally, I enjoy having a trainer at hand, and a community of like-minded Transformers who will kick my butt while patting me on the back when things seem impossible.

Go figure, I am human.


4. Ignore:

Ignorance is bliss. Or at least it is with me.

The scale is my enemy, rather than showcasing a slow, positive decrease in poundage, the scale forever triggers my inner demon who whispers,

“you’re so fat”

“what the hell, only 2 pounds”


To replace the scale, I use the clothing perspective, when a pair of pants I had in the closet for 3 years, FELL OFF my body in August, I realized that this shit was real.

Screw you scale.  The pants don’t lie.


5. Reduce:

Guess what? I ate too bloody much. All the bloody time.


The only way I learnt this was by joining the 28 Day Transformation Challenge.

It forced me to portion control, eat my veggies like some type of guru, stop snacking on my kid’s uneaten meals, and finally instructed me that sugar is not my boyfriend. My gawd, I wish I had a sugar boyfriend. Wait, I’m married.


6. Enjoy:

With all things in life, you should enjoy yourself, as these annual trips around the sun, are finite.

Once I realized that I hated lettuce, I stopped munching on it like some sad, depressive bunny.

The same can be said of running: it sucks.

Kickboxing and Bootcamp for some reason do not – hence my continued commitment to do both for close to an entire year.


There are a myriad of healthy options out there, folks – find what makes your heart sing, and you too will have a partner call you a gym rat (happily).


My name is Holly and this is my weight loss story. I still can’t believe it.


Holly Best – @GirlsSciFi

Holly Best, stay-at-home momma by day, voracious sci-fi reader by night, is taking over the world, one book review at a time. Her blog, Thank the Maker  is her perspective on all things sci-fi, and how it all ladders back to being a doting mom. Acquiring full geek status (and keeping it) isn’t easy and it’s one task Holly takes seriously, as she curls up with her favourite space operatic tome, quietly avoiding the laundry.

Did any of these tips resonate with you? Or what would you like to know about losing 25lbs in 9 months? Leave a comment below!


How to fight the Fuckits

If you are interested in fitness, you probably have a bunch of rules buzzing around your head at all times:

  • Should drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • Must do cardio, strength and flexibility training
  • Must get 10K steps in today
  • Should avoid sugar and starchy carbs
  • Must moderate booze intake
  • Should eat protein at every meal.

etc etc.

And now the Holidays are approaching and


A lot of these rules are going to collapse into a pile of mashed potato.



You are a guest at someone’s house

Because you are sick

Because drinking Bailey’s at 8am on Christmas morning with your dad is awesome.

Because there is no way you will make it through the office party without wine

Because your mum makes that marshmellow sweet potato casserole thing because she thinks it’s your favourite.

Because you are hungover as hell

Because your kids are home all day

Because it’s only once a year and you want to enjoy it and relax a little.

And guess what? I’m actually down with all of that.  Really. I do want you to relax a little and enjoy the season.


Sometimes ‘relaxing a little’….. can turn into The Fuckits.


It happens like this:

“I’ve already broken my ‘no sugar’ rule and had a piece of pie. So fuck it. I’ll have three pieces.”

“ Well, I opened the bottle… So fuck it. Might as well finish it.”

“I missed my workout every day this week so far. So fuck it. I won’t bother going today. I’ll get in shape in January ”

The Fuckits are a recipe for weight gain and bing/purge behaviours that will screw up your metabolism long after that ball has dropped on New Years Eve.

So if any of those internal monologues sound familiar,  you need to implement:


Oonagh’s Two Rules

to Fight the Fuckits.

1. Exercise consistency.


Just do something.

Pretty much every day.

You don’t have to do the same old thing (those who signed up for my Get Better In December program are banging out quick 20 min at home workouts, for example.)

It doesn’t have to be hard (try Adrienne’s yoga for when you are hungover).

It doesn’t have to be long.

It just has to happen.

Because exercise is a keystone habit. Meaning that if you do it, it sets off a chain reaction that will lead to other positive decisions.

For example, you are less likely to eat Toaster Strudels for breakfast when you just came back from a run. Even a pathetically slow 10 min run.

You are less likely to finish the bottle of wine if you’ve paid for a Bootcamp class the next morning.

DO NOT WASTE MENTAL ENERGY on a big old debate about whether or not you REALLY have to exercise today because blahblahinsertexercusehereblah.

Listen to how funny your brain is trying to make excuses and then do something anyway.

2. Try moderation.

I know. Mega boring. My personal motto has always been:

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth OVERdoing!”

It’s a philosophy I’ve applied with gusto to everything from run training  to tequila shots, The Master Cleanse to eye makeup.

I love extremes. But extremes are unsustainable and therefore give birth to The Fuckits.

Check it out:

You could be someone who has two glasses of wine and then stops. ( I swear. I have met these people.)
You could go for long walks when you don’t feel like running.
You could make a small plate from the hors d’oevres table and then walk away like


The point is not to be PERFECT…

(and if you try to do that in December, you will probably fail and then get The Fuckits.)

The point is to make better decisions, more often.

And to relax and enjoy the season. 🙂

Did you like this post? If so, leave a comment below and tell me a bit about your strategy for staying fit during December!

How Meditating Helps You Lose Weight

This month in my online program we are focusing Sleep and Stress Reduction and one of the tasks I’ve given my clients is to try meditating for 20 mins every day.


And let me be clear.

Most of my clients hire me because they want to lose weight and get fitter, not because they are looking for a spiritual guru.


So one of them asked,


What is the real value of adding 20 mins of daily meditation to my life? If I’m not stressed, sleep well and feel grounded in life as it is, should I bother?


To reply, I told her this story:



When I first heard that story, it really hit me. 

Because I can relate to that woman getting impatient in a yoga class.


And I know that most of my clients have a pattern like this:

  1. Run around like crazy all day –

      2. Mindlessly eating whatever comes their way because they don’t have time to prepare

      3.  They try to chill themselves out with wine at the end of the day

….. and the cycle continues until you are burnt out, overweight and exhausted.


When you take the time to meditate every day, you are:

  • less likely to overeat
  • you will not need alcohol to help you relax
  •  you will lower your levels of cortisol, which leads to retention of belly fat.


So that’s how meditating helps you lose weight.


But more importantly, meditating every day will lead to a great acceptance and love of exactly how your body is RIGHT NOW. 

 Which is obviously the whole point. 🙂


To get you started on your meditation practice, here are some of my favourite meditations available for free online plus one of my own for you:






And we use this story of a hot air balloon ride to put the kids to sleep:


Cosmic Kids Yoga Chanel also has a bunch of great guided relaxations for kids


And here’s a meditation of my own that I will often use to get grounded and get perspective:


Building the Perfect Pantry


Are you ready to get your Martha Stewart on?

It’s time to create The Perfect Pantry.


It will help with you with your Meal Planning, which will help you not eat crap when you are busy.


I know.

But if you are well stocked, it’s actually easy peasy lemon squeezie to throw together simple healthy meals.

Imagine how you would never have an outfit crisis if the only clothes in your closet were deluxe and made you feel amazing.


^^^That’s exactly what it would be like if your pantry was all stocked up like Miss Perfecty Perfect.^^^

Step #1

 DOWNLOAD YOUR PERFECT PANTRY PDF (click image to grab it)

(includes Bonuses My Ferocious Freezer, My Funky Fridge and Where to Buy Guide) 


Step #2

Throw yourself a Tupperware Party:


  1. Toss out those ratty old yogurt and margarine containers. (if possible, rid yourself of any plastic containers… they leach all sorts of nastiness you don’t want to be ingesting!)


  1. Invest in some glass containers, with with tight sealing lids, that can go from fridge, to microwave, to freezer, to dishwasher. They also make great storage containers for nuts, seeds, and spices.


Step # 3:

Stock up Your  Ferocious Freezer!

  • Frozen berries/fruit for smoothies
  • Frozen Veggies
  • Emergency portions of meals/soups
  • Brick of tempeh (Vegheads)
  • Pound of ground beef (Meatheads)
  • Edamame (throw them in a soup to amp up your protein. Put them frozen on the table with some salt for an after school snack)
  • Single protein portions (chicken/fish, etc…)

TRAINER TIP: While portioning out your dinner, portion out a single serving in a freezer/oven proof container, and place in the fridge. Now you have lunch for tomorrow or an emergency meal to transfer to your freezer.

TRAINER TIP: Ladle single servings of soup into a freezer bag, burp all the air out and lay flat. Takes up way less room and it’s already portioned!


TRAINER TIP: Leftover herbs going to waste? chop or puree, place in ice cube container, top with olive oil and freeze. Pop one out when sauteeing veggies! Instant flavour bomb!

TRAINER TIP: While prepping for the week, pre-portion spinach/greens, and fruits/veggies for smoothies and store in freezer in individual freezer bags. (bags can be rinsed and reused for the next week!) This frees up space in your veggie drawer, ensures the ingredients are at peak freshness, and saves prep time in the morning.You can do the same with any dry ingredients.



Label and date what you put in your freezer! That way nothing is a mystery, and nothing goes to waste!


Step #4:

Stock Your Funky Fridge!



  • Grass Fed Butter/Ghee
  • GF Tamari Sauce
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Honey Mustard
  • Eggs
  • Miso
  • Minced Garlic Ginger
  • Hummus*
  • Pesto*
  • Sundried Tomatoes* Olives*

*good to have on hand for little pops of flavourful fat!*

PRO TIP: Keep a Brita filled in your fridge! Fill up your portable water bottles the night before and refill your Brita, so you always have your water at the ready!

PRO TIP: Know what’s in your fridge and where, especially if you have a crisper drawer you can’t see into! If you want to get super organized, make “zones” and use baskets to organize. (by type of food, or by day or by recipe)


PRO TIP: Prep as much as you can in advance, and have at the ready for meal prep. The less you have to “think” about it, the less likely you are to stray to the darkside!

PRO TIP: use a dry erase marker to write what you have in your fridge on the door, cross off or erase when out. (or start a new “need” list) Snap a pic of your door before you go shopping!



Cleaning/chopping fruits and veggies and storing in containers as you unpack your groceries is a great time saver later in the week.

(BUT if you’re not going to do that, DON’T wash in advance! This will advance the deterioration of some produce, leading to spoilage before you can use it, which obviously sucks.)

Where to buy:

Want to know the best places to grab your containers?

What you should buy at Costco vs. Bulk Barn?

Click the image below to get your free Perfect Pantry PDF download with bonuses:



Now that your pantry is up to snuff, click on the pic below to test it out with these quick and handy recipes!


Did you find this post helpful? If so, leave a comment below or tag me @oonaghduncan (ig and FB) or twitter (@fitfeelsgoodTO) in a pic of your amazingly organized life! 🙂