Have You Been Dreaming Of Having Your Own Business?


About two years ago, I spent a blood curdling amount of money on an online business coach.

With the vague aspiration that:

“I wanna do something online. You know, so I can have the freedom to travel with my family".


I had no idea WHAT I wanted to do online.

I had no email list, no strategy, no product, no social media following.

My husband and I were FIRMLY rooted in our jobs in Toronto with no financial exit route in sight.


I’m writing this in our temporary home in Costa Rica.

I’ve had the opportunity to change hundreds of lives.  Every day I get emails thanking me for the impact of my online weight loss program, the 28 Day Transformation Challenge.

Beside me are shells that my kids and I collected on the beach this morning.

And I can hear my husband (who now works for me) giving them swimming lessons in the pool out front.


This is possible for anyone.

I just wanted you to know that.

I have spent the past few years studying online business.  I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses and mentors and I LOVE it, but to be honest – I kind of want to save you the effort.

That’s why I’m paying it forward – and offering business coaching to anyone who wants help:

  • Creating an online program
  • Reaching more people and serving a greater audience
  • Creating time and income freedom for themselves and their families!

If that sounds like a dream – and you are ready to take the plunge and CREATE the life you want- click below to book a FREE consultation call.

My one hour call with Oonagh was nothing short of epic. Her quickfire answers to my questions were peppered with actionable next steps, broken down into manageable and easy-to-understand tasks. I left our conversation with clarity and excitement, ready to tackle my to-do list, unbothered by confusion or overwhelm. Her energy is infectious and her advice is wicked valuable."

Monica L.

Co-Founder, WYSP Creative Agency


Julia's Coaching Story

Julia was a trainer but really wanted to be a life coach or…something. She wasn’t quite sure, but she knew her passion lay in helping people recover from addictions and live healthier and happier lives.

During her coaching, Julia got totally clear on her unique brand and exactly what she wanted to offer to the world. We got strategic about her positioning, her website and her social media. We got organized about exactly how she would market and deliver her coaching services.

There was some money mindset work to be done as Julia didn’t want to come off as ‘salesy’ but she is now totally confident in asking to be compensated as she deserves.

Best of all, the clients are ‘literally falling out of the sky’.

Julia's Business Story

Caroline's Coaching Story

Caroline already had a Stroller Fit Bootcamp going in Saint John, NB. But she wanted to expand her offerings (add more Bootcamps? Move online? Life Coaching?) in order help more people. She was also feeling wiped and needed things to be a bit easier for her and her family.

During the three months we worked together, Caroline created TWO online communities (one paid, one free), started a new Bootcamp class, hired her first trainer, started a very profitable online nutrition program and started life coaching, which is her new passion.

Caroline's Business Story

Tricia's Coaching Story

Tricia was a trainer who had always worked for other people. She LOVED teaching and helping people get fitter and she was ready to stop working for other people and start to build her own fitness company.

The thing is – she had just moved to a new town and she didn’t know anyone. Plus, with the move and everything, she had let her own fitness slip and wasn’t feeling very…inspiring.

Her 3 month goals were to 1. Get herself in the best shape of her life. 2. Start her own Bootcamp company.

Tricia's Business Story

Erin's Coaching Story

Erin was not your average trainer/fitness instructor.

She had a dream of a fitness brand that was a bit edgier- specifically for people who wanted to stay in shape but weren’t into the florescent lights, canned music and perky instructors found at your local Globo Gym.

The problem was that Erin tended to get lost in the ‘conceptual’ stage of business development. She had a TON of amazing ideas but no idea where to start and what to do first.

In the three months that Erin and I worked together, she created a SICK alternative fitness brand, a beautiful website optimized for sales, an online community of Muscle Witches AND she has her first class ready to launch to her new community.

Erin's Business Story

Lisa's Coaching Story

Coming soon....


Just in case you saw those stories and thought:  “I don’t have the skills/time/money/personality to create an online business on the side”-

I could introduce you to a mum who was on food stamps but made an online empire with a cake blog.

And a little old granny who makes $300K a year teaching art classes in her living room.

The point is: whether you think you can or you can’t – you are right. (This applies to business, weight loss, and all the rest of it, by the way.)

I’m telling you – from my sweet ass view here in Costa Rica – This shit CAN happen. Why NOT you?

x Oonagh

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