Miracle Cures and Other Disasters with Rachel Matlow



Woo Woo Shit: Trying to Cure Cancer with Crystals and Other Disasters with Rachel Matlow

Woo Woo Shit: Trying to Cure Cancer with Crystals and Other Disasters with Rachel Matlow


We’re getting into the Woo Woo Sh*t. If you asked Rachel Matlow, they’d say it's an emphasis on the SH*T.

When I learned of their mom’s passing, I was not into reading a book about it (who wants to read about dead moms!?) But I did…and as weird as it sounds, I was cracking up a few pages in.

Dead Mom Walking gets into what happens when you receive a serious health diagnosis and instead of following doctor recommendations, scientific evidence, and proven treatment plans…you put your faith in woo-woo cures like herbs and mindset.

Have you ever heard of cancer being cured by the power of positive thinking? If you ask Rachel, they will tell you no. absolutely. not.

Rachel reflects on the beautiful relationship with their mom while sharing some dangerous realizations about "Woo Woo Culture".

I talk about Woo Woo Sh*t a lot on the podcast (helloooo, see title). But there is a time, place, and approach to go about using that in a healthy, non-harming way.

If you're skeptical of the woo, can empathize with Rachel about the passing of a parent, or even if you just want a comical read about death and life, check out their book, Dead Mom Walking: A Memoir of Miracle Cures and Other Disasters.


  • Can “Woo” actually be harmful?
  • Do things actually happen for a reason?
  • The power of belief…is it a cure-all?
  • Woo Vs Science in matters like health.
  • Rachel Matlow’s story behind the best-selling book, Dead Mom Walking.

What’s your take on the woo? Is it a miracle cure-all or should you leave it to the docs?

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