Goal: Connect with Friends Before We All Die with Barry Friedman

Goal: Connect with Friends Before We All Die with Barry Friedman


No regrets dude, what a goal!

Barry Friedman was just a regular teenage guy until one day at camp changed his life. He learned to juggle and a realization that "life isn't gonna suck anymore" smacked him right in the face. (I think we’d all take THAT smack in the face)

Think this sounds crazy? You’re not alone…but seriously he took that juggling talent and made a career out of it. Becoming a world champion with performances on TV and conferences galore.

If that doesn’t seem impressive enough, In 2012, Barry took another risk by quitting sugar and never looked back. He wrote a book about his sugar-free journey and preaches the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Now 60 and in great shape (who knew juggling kept you jacked), Barry is taking time for other life pursuits.

Listen in for some contagious inspiration!


  • Barry Friedman: Juggling Superstar.
  • The power of Plan A (secret: it’s your only plan).
  • You only have one life, why going sugar-free isn't deprivation.
  • Turn 60 in 2022, what’s the reality?

How are you designing a life of no regrets?

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