Goal: How To Grow The Fuck Up with Sarah Knight

Goal: How To Grow The Fuck Up with Sarah Knight


Somehow advice feels better when it comes with a swear word or two and Sarah Knight’s sweary self-help books spare no swear.

No, she’s not a bitch or a teenager giving her finger to the world. She’s got wisdom to share and despite the title or the frequent F bombs, her books are friendly, funny, and practical.

Sarah has a collective of 6 books in her No Fucks Given Guide, with her newest, GROW THE FUCK UP: How to be an Adult and Get Treated Like One, debuting this week.

When it comes to adulting it’s not all about not giving a fuck…sometimes you have to. (like when it comes to your job that pays for your food and roof or whatever).

It’s about the proper allocation fucks. Used sparingly and purposefully, those fucks can lead your way to what Sarah calls the 3 Pillars of Adulting: Maturity, Responsibility, and Accountability.

Whether you’re a big fucking baby or a “theoretical” grown up…Sarah’s book will guide you with love and swears to become the Total Fucking Grown Up I know you can be.

Tune in to begin your journey to adulting, and bring your fucks.


  • Sarah Knight and her No Fucks Given Guides.
  • New book alert: GROW THE FUCK UP: How to be an Adult and Get Treated Like One by Sarah Knight.
  • Friendly advice in sweary self-help.
  • Go from Big Fucking Baby to Total Fucking Grown Up.
  • The 3 pillars of Adulting.

Where are you allocating your fucks? What’s holding you back from Growing The Fuck Up?

Let me know on Insta!



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