Goal: Have More Lovers (Even If You Are Already Married) with Tara Lynne Franco and André Turcotte

Goal: Have More Lovers (Even If You Are Already Married) with Tara Lynne Franco and André Turcotte


Here’s a sexy goal: ethical non-monogamy. (Okay I’m sure right off the bat you’re having a pretty strong reaction, but hear us out.)

Tara and André are the coach and therapist behind T&A Coach and Therapy and Let’s Talk Polyamory. What started as a fun and frisky thought during a heated sexcapade opened up their world to the deeply rewarding work that is non-monogamy.

True personal reckoning, pure consensual intentions, and the best communication you’ve ever dreamed of are part of the recipe for a successful polyamorous lifestyle.

Tara and André teach us all the flavors of ethical non-monogamy (spoiler alert vanilla is not one of them) and the challenges and abounding benefits that come with them.

Listen, whether you’re kinda curious or you’re a big hell no… Entertaining the idea of this lifestyle is not unlike any other goal, whether it’s fitness or professional, or deeply personal.

You’re curious. There may be some naysayers. You work through your inner voice and insecurities. You create a plan or agreement. AND you put yourself out there.

See it’s not all unicorns and threesomes on the beach ( I mean it can be if you want it to though.)

As you press play on this episode, be open minded and really listen to Tara and André, you’ll hear wisdom, respect, and a whole lot of passion!! Now that’s a goal anyone can get behind. (;


  • What the hell is ethical non-monogamy?
  • Defining the different non-monogamous relationships.
  • Say it louder for the people in the back, why communication is KEY!
  • Beyond sex, the benefits of a polyamorous lifestyle.
  • How to find polyamorous partners?
  • How considering polyamory just like working toward any other goal.

This is a spicy one! How can you relate your current goals to creating a polyamorous lifestyle? What surprised you the most about the deep relationship work involved in ethical non-monogamy?

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