Grit: Overcoming Obstacles With Oonagh: Emotional Eating, Holidays and Halloween Candy

Grit: Overcoming Obstacles With Oonagh: Emotional Eating, Holidays and Halloween Candy


So you wanna ask Oonagh?

I’ve combed over some FAQs and important questions from my MFA groups and we’re talking about something everyone has experience with... self soothing with food.

Whether it’s emotional eating, feeling out of control with holiday travel and parties, or that pesky but sweet sweet Halloween candy in the cabinet.

There is a common theme surrounding all of these events…taking control of your choices and owning them, OR falling victim to circumstance.

How you frame these situations makes all the difference in the shaping of habits, THIS is the real work.

Food is but a tool in the tool belt of life, and when you adjust how you view it and learn how to use more diverse tools for support… you're on track, baby!

SO are you in this mental minefield? Do you need a lifeline? I’m gonna talk you through three things Tony Robbins says you need to change to change how you feel: Physiology, Focus, and Meaning.

Who's the boss? You or the KitKat?


  • Is it inherently bad to self soothe with food?
  • The power of owning your choices instead of falling victim.
  • Halloween candy: what does it mean to you?
  • Three things you can control to change how you feel.

KitKats, Reese’s cups… whatever Halloween candy you have queued up for the coming trick-or-treaters; what does it mean to you? How are you going to own your choice to not eat the candy or to decide to eat it?

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