Goal: Back Away From The Booze with Ruari Fairbairns

Goal: Back Away From The Booze with Ruari Fairbairns


Have you ever had a whispering voice in the back of your mind *alcohol is holding you back*?

Maybe the amount you consume on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis contributes to your answer. Like, hey, I’m a mom, and I need my one glass of wine at the end of the week.

Okay, fair enough, but what if I told you that even that habit shows alcohol is holding you back?

“Oognah…. I’m not pouring whiskey into my coffee. I’m fine.” Right. Maybe you are *fine*, but don’t you want to be better than fine? The best version of yourself, even?

You are going to love this conversation with Ruari Fairbairns, a former oil broker and professional partier, who created One Year No Beer.

Ruari’s entire life changed when he took a break from alcohol. In his own words, he became fitter, faster, healthier, a better dad, and a better husband. And he wasn’t tossing them back first thing in the morning either.

So what gives? Why is alcohol holding you back? Ruari explains the science behind alcohol's effect on the body and mind and how it actually worsens the things you use it for.

Stress? Worse with alcohol? Depression? Worse. Self confidence? Worse. And other things too… It's likely your struggles with weight and health problems are directly contributed to by alcohol use, even in small amounts.

In his programs One Year No Beer and Complete Control, he rebukes the idea of abstinence as the solution, and dives into the underlying causes of compulsive behavior to help people mitigate stress and control their alcohol use.

You don’t have to get sober (I know that feels like a bad word), and you don’t have to be the boring anti-social person.

Just start simple. Drink less. Take control of your alcohol use. It could turn your whole life around.  


  • One Year No Beer, a challenge to take a break from alcohol.
  • Is alcohol actually making your stress worse?
  • Who is the victim of the highest rate of peer pressure to drink?
  • How can a break from alcohol impact your health and daily life?

WOAH. You can feel the heart from Ruari in this episode. Did this one strike a chord? What steps are you going to take to drink less? Let me know on Insta!



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