We all know that proper nutrition is key to feeling good.  Working with Kristen Spencer, our Holistic Nutritionist can help you:

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  • Break through a plateau.  If you aren’t seeing results from your workouts, it never hurts to have an expert looking at your nutritional habits.
  • Treat insomnia, low energy, skin problems and hormonal inbalances
  • Start to use food as powerful preventative medicine for diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer.
  • Clear issues with digestion
  • Learn about any nutritional deficiencies you may have due to your diet or regular medication use.
  • Improve and level out your mood

Holistic Nutritionists are not about general food guides or pyramids. Kristen can design a customized food plan based on your lifestyle, tastes, goals and needs. In addition to her regular services listed below, Kristen has created a package to support Fit Feels Good clients and Bootcampers and to help them feeling even better!

$260 includes:
1 hour nutrition consult (in West Toronto or on Skype)
4 weeks of food journal reviews*

** as a bonus to Fit Feels Good boot campers, if you sign up in the first week of bootcamp, you get 6 weeks of support/guidance/food journal reviews instead of 4***


Book your consultation with Kristen now!

Or check out some of Kristen’s advice on how to eat well during your Fit Feels Good Bootcamp here.


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