Oonagh Duncan is a multi-award-winning fitness expert, author and speaker specializing in helping women get lean, strong, and healthy through a habits-based approach.

She is available to speak on the following topics:

Custom Design Your Healthy Lifestyle: The Three Keystone Habits To Get Fit And Stay Healthy (No Discipline Required)

In this interactive workshop, each participant will have a chance to create the foundations of a healthy lifestyle they will actually stick to.

In this age, everyone knows what they need to do in order to get healthy. There is no lack of information. The trouble is actually executing these behaviours consistently. Oonagh explains that many people today are relying on willpower and discipline in order to get in shape and this will never work. What we need are HABITS.  Oonagh will pierce through the overwhelm and help delegates identify a Keystone healthy habit -one that will set off a ripple effect throughout their lives. She will then explain the psychology of how habits are formed using the Habit Loop. The lecture touches on integrating the habits with a powerful ‘why’ that is rooted in a sense of self identity as well as really practical tips about environmental design and social supports.  Each participant will leave with a personalized template of their new Keystone habit and a plan to execute it that is absolutely quit proof.

How to Get Lean, Stay Healthy and Generally Kick Ass in your Forties (No Matter Where You Are Starting From)

In this presentation for women in their 40s and 50s, Oonagh will draw upon 18 years of experience and over 700 case studies to clarify exactly what’s going on in your body once you hit forty and why it doesn’t have to result in weight gain and low energy. She will cover exercise adjustments and dietary changes that women MUST make after 40 for optimal health as well as how to manage hormonal shifts. At the end of this presentation, audience members will have the tools to spend the best years of their lives feeling sexier and more badass than ever.

United & Unique: How To Gain Confidence And Stand Out In A Crowded Industry

In this motivational keynote for Health and Wellness Professionals, Oonagh challenges the audience to push away their obstacles and get very clear on their goals – the kind of impact they want to have on others and the kind of life they want to build for themselves. She invites a paradigm shift from scarcity and competition to a united vision with each audience member responsible for a unique and essential contribution to that vision. By the end of this presentation, each delegate is feeling connected to their purpose and confident in their ability to achieve it – no matter how many ‘competitors’ he or she has.


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