Who Feels Good?!

Check out what people are saying about Fit Feels Good:

“Oonagh exceeded all the expectations I could have ever had.”

“AMAZING! Entertaining, knowledgable, professional, organized, charismatic. Her enthusiasm shows.”


IMG_1042“Oonagh continuously challenges me, creates a fun and interactive environment and best of all, gives me a program that keeps me looking and feeling great!”

“I absolutely loved Michelle ! I was having so much fun I didn’t realize the amazing workout I was getting. Michelle definitely inspired me.”

“Oonagh is part of a very rare population. It’s not every day that you meet someone who is dedicated to succeeding and helping others around her succeed as well.”

“Ya Oonagh knew her shit. All those skillz!”

“Oonagh creates a fun team spirit experience, which makes the workout to be more about growing than just progressing.”

“In the 4 years I’ve participated in “Bootcamps” there has never been an instructor like Oonagh! She will have you pushing yourself to the limit  and laughing at the same time!”

“Oonagh was awesome. I would recommend her to all friend and family. A great instructor.”

“The morning bootcamp sessions have been fantastic.   Each class is different – always challenging but with an element of fun and lots of encouragement along the way.  We have a great group of people too – looking to stay healthy and work hard but still have fun – which makes it even better!   It feels great to work out in the morning – especially when we’re outdoors.  It truly sets a great tone for the rest of your day.  Thanks Oonagh and Trevor!”

“Challenging, fun and never boring! Although I find it very challenging at times I am ALWAYS enjoying myself.”


“In the 4 months since I’ve been in Oonagh’s boot camp, it’s been rare to do the same class twice.  She has an amazing ability to continually add new programs using different parts of the park, and can motivate a group while paying attention to every individual.  And if that isn’t a big enough differentiator, she did a Mud Hero race with us where she let everyone finish ahead of her.  Not your average fitness instructor! ”

“Oonagh and Trevor are magical. They somehow manage to turn the most challenging hours of fitness I’ve ever experienced into pure fun.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity you provided in the outdoor fitness class! I was nervous to start the program as I have been out of shape for many years, but Michelle motivated me and gave me progressions that really worked for me – she is so caring. It was thrilling to see the strength and cardio improvements over the month!”

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