Episode 40: Goal: Lessons from One Year of Podcasting and Ten Years of Business



Goal: Lessons from One Year of Podcasting and Ten Years of Business

Goal: Lessons from One Year of Podcasting and Ten Years of Business


Cue the kazoo and maybe some celebratory fireworks.
Season 2 is coming to an end. Can you believe we’ve been at this for nearly a year?

And seriously, dry your eyes because season 3 is just around the corner (Helloooo Spring 2024).

But before I go, I am gonna spill the tea on how I ended up spending 10 years in business with Fit Feels Good, a milestone I’ve all but glossed over. [Dude, celebrate those milestones. Big and small. They were once dreams, and look at you—you freaking did it!]

My spiel goes way further back than 10 years, all the way to 2001, when I took my first fitness instructor class, passed (thank you, generous instructor), and failed up with shitty aerobics class after shitty aerobics class.

And as I collected fitness cert, after fitness cert I landed myself as a bootcamp instructor, eventually going rogue and morphing into the very first version of Fit Feels Good. (If you want more, my friend, you’re gonna have to listen to the ep).

So much goodness came from that little bootcamp—even my first book, Healthy as Fuck. I couldn’t be more grateful, but don’t get it twisted; this episode features the highlights. Growth is not linear; it’s plateaus and tiny climbs up a hill and a little step down and back up again.

But through that growth, I learned 5 things that are EVERYTHING in business and life.

1. Be awesome all the time.
2. Thinking with your ego will F$%& you.
3. Let yourself suck and move on.
4. Do different shit.
5. Community is everything.

You can find out why each of those little (okay, not so little) lessons is so important by listening to the full freaking episode!!!

Now, I’m saying see ya later dudes…I’ll see you in the spring. Oh, and one last thing, what do YOU wanna see next season?


  • Oonagh’s journey through the fitness business, the sparknotes version.
  • What made Fit Feels Good successful?
  • 5 top tips and lessons learned over a decade.
  • Season 3… what’s next?

WOO! What a journey! I hope sharing these deets gave you some good insight or just your fill of juicy gossip.
Next up, Season 3…what do you wanna see? Let me know on Insta!



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