Episode 42: Healthy Habits For ADHD Women



Healthy Habits For ADHD Women

Healthy Habits For ADHD Women


Imagine my surprise when I found my name at the center of a heated discussion on Reddit and it wasn't in the Super Healthy Hot Babes forum. No. It was the ADHD Women forum. What??

My tips for a healthy habit loop sat at the top of a thread, and the responses? Women in tears, angry, and ready to throw fists.

Listen, I think they had every reason to feel that way, and I love a push to learn more. *In walks guest and ADHD Expert Brooke Schnittman stage left*.

Brooke is an awesome author, podcast host, entrepreneur and ADHD woman herself.

She blew my mind and really changed how I will approach and understand people with ADHD from now on. And I’m not one to make bold claims (wait, yes, I am), and I think you will too.

So let's get to the nitty gritty. Can ADHD women (or men or children) form healthy habits?

Well yes. But Brooke explains that the need to form habits goes way beyond fitness or health goals, habits become crucial to an ADHD person's very basic needs. Okay, I will eat my words when I say that brushing your teeth isn't a chore.

When it comes down to it, ADHD women rebel at the nearest sign of structure, but the truth is they need it to thrive.

Structure, schedules, routines, microchanges, tools, rewards, medication—these are the mix bag of things ADHD women need to make things happen.

But don’t forget about the superpowers; people with ADHD have these internal processes and hyperfixations that can totally outdo us neurotypicals. It’s a double edged sword.

Tune in to hear how ADHD looks different based on your gender or age, common signs, and the accepted testing formats.

And if you were listening to this episode and thinking, FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS ME as you break down to your knees in answered prayer.

Then, hey, this one was for you! Reach out to Brooke, reach out to a coach, find a way to get your life structured, and secure those habits in a way that helps you thrive.

It’s not as easy as brushing your teeth; it’s as HARD as brushing your teeth, but you CAN do it.


  • How does the habit loop work for people with ADHD?
  • How does ADHD differ in women compared to men and children?
  • How can people with ADHD structure their lives for better performance?
  • What tools and supports are available to those with ADHD?

Yes, I can say that after this experience, I can see how it may not be easy to brush your teeth or take a shower. There is so much more that goes into it. Do you have ADHD? How do you create healthy habits and support yourself with structure? Let me know on Insta!




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