Episode 48: Don’t Fall Prey to Wellness Industry Bullshit with Michael Ulloa and Kate Lyman



Don't Fall Prey to Wellness Industry Bullshit with Micheal Ulloa and Kate Lyman

Don't Fall Prey to Wellness Industry Bullshit with Michael Ulloa and Kate Lyman


Love fat shaming, coffee enemas, and jade vagina eggs?
This episode is not for you!

Michael Ulloa and Kate Lyman are personal trainers, nutrition coaches, and hosts of the podcast How To: Fitness. They’re on a mission to debunk and throw red flags at all the bullshit you see from *wellness influencers* and other toxic entities in the fitness world.

We talk about aesthetic-based fitness with unattainable marketing like fat burning and zone toning and even FUPA (you know, that totally natural lower belly fat that protects your internal organs)-focused workouts.

Michael and Kate toe the line of setting fitness goals in a way that’s not extreme in one way or another; they take a straight-forward, easy approach that's unique to every client.

That takes us to what feels like a cop-out answer: fitness professionals just trying to do their best have to say over and over, “It depends.”.

Is it healthy to drink smoothie? Well it depends. Is it okay to eat a cookie? Well, it depends. Every question is so relative to an individual's relationship to food and there personal goals, so it really depends and needs education. That's why you should never trust an influencer touting NEVER and ALWAYS. It’s extreme and unsustainable.

Speaking of unsustainable… Michael and Kate touch on barrier-based fitness moguls like Goop; spouting expensive, useless and usually dangerous fitness products.

Like many things in life, there is no absolute. Health and fitness is a spectrum, and its about behaviors, not a quick fix goal.

To find your safe place on the spectrum and stay away from dangerous trends, you can curate your social media feeds with body diversity and positive voices in the industry like myself, Michael, and Kate.


  • Barrier-based health and fitness—it’s all a bunch of goop.
  • Should you hire a trainer with abs?
  • Tips for curating positive fitness info on social media.
  • Aesthetic-based goals…okay or not?

When I scroll through my social media and see these insane claims and advertisements from my health and wellness colleagues, I feel like, woah, I live in a sketchy part of town? But Michael and Kate, there is a safe place! What do you think of today’s episode?  Let me know on Insta!



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