Episode 41: When To Bail On Your Goals



When To Bail On Your Goals

When To Bail On Your Goals


Hey you…healthy hot listener.

Before you start blushing and looking over your shoulder… Yes I’m talking to you. *cue the John Hughes movie background music*

But really, our goals our a desired identity. And its less about doing and more about becoming.

Time to step into that new identity and embrace the feeling that we’re after.
Because, after all, feeling good is the whole point.

So I wanna talk about embracing that attitude and feeling good at every step. There are two archetypes of people, Turtles and Tigers.

Turtles are so afraid of stress that they don't take risks, and they tread lightly at every step. Tigers go full speed ahead, no pain - no gain. But hey…stress isn’t bad, and it isn’t good. You have to know the difference.

Let’s go over Good Grit and Bad Grit.

Good Grit is feeling energized after a tough workout. It’s pushing through a tough project to reach that celebratory relief. It’s investing your cash for a big benefit in the long run. It’s doing the things you want to do, even if they’re hard.

Bad Grit is pain. Its working out through an injury that requires rest. It’s working day and night with no end or reward in sight. It’s spending all your money and digging yourself into a whole. White knuckling your way through life.

Bullying yourself into doing things you don't want to do is not grit. And its not smart.

Leave this conversation today…ready to work hard on those goals. Becoming who you desire so you can feel good every day.

Bad grit? It doesn’t move the needle.
Good grit? Well, that’s what you’re all about, healthy, hot listener.  


  • Goals are not about doing and all about becoming?
  • What is the difference between good grit and bad grit?
  • How to feel good during stress and embrace good grit.

What’s a goal you’re working toward? How have you practiced good grit to get there and what bad grit are you leaving behind? Let me know on Insta!



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