Fit Feels Good Community (#sweatworking)

Ever heard of #sweatworking? It’s business networking done while partaking in physical exercise. The theory is

the shared experience of suffering is effective in establishing a bond and conducive to promising business relations.

Four martini lunches, meet the four-minute burpee Tabata (MWHAHAHAH):





We are more about getting fit and feeling good than being all networky. However, it’s kind of a bonus we get to sweat it out with some amazing people.  Fit Feels Good Bootcamps are full of awesome artists, professionals and business owners. Supporting them and building community feels good!

Check it out!

Go watch Bill play at Graffiti’s

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Take your kids to see Juno-nominated Maury and Shoshana and the Monkey Bunch

Take your adults to see the Canadian Comedy Awards Best Female Stand Up Sara Hennessey

Learn how to make sweet music at Annie’s music school

Buy a house from Amanda

Go to Jamie’s amazing restaurant

Help Susan feed hungry kids for Breakfast Clubs of Canada

Ask Jenny to publish your crazy poetry

Get Alex to take beautiful pictures of your kids

Check out Cecily’s wicked dance classes on Monday nights

Get Maija to design some jewellery for you

Get Michelle to come to your kids’ school and revolutionize the physical education program

Check out Steph and Sara playing the Terrific Women

Get Michelle to design your cocktail menu

Check out Ben’s columns in iRun Magazine or read his awesome book about running

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