Episode 39: Goal: Declutter Your Digital Life with Amanda Jefferson



Goal: Declutter Your Digital Life with Amanda Jefferson

Goal: Declutter Your Digital Life with Amanda Jefferson


*minimize tab, close tab, close tab…* Ahh, there you are. Sorry, I couldn’t see you through all the chaos that is my computer desktop. Maybe Amanda can help me with that?

In fact, if anyone can, it's definitely her. Trained by Marie Kondo herself, Amanda Jefferson is a KonMari Consultant helping people with her company, Indigo Organizing, declutter their homes and their digital lives!

Marie Kondo is practically a household name, famous for her joy sparking method of organization. Amanda focuses on the practicality of sparking joy and how that looks different for everyone, even her.

One thing she really emphasizes is letting go of the shoulds… Like I should definitely keep this black blazer because everyone should have one. I mean, should they? Why?

So beyond in home organization, Amanda's new service, Done-With-You Digital Organizing, aims to help her clients clear out that common clutter that can cause total mental overload. (Queue me slowly raising my hand in admittance to crazy tabs and no rhyme or reason for any of my files).

Whether your email is out of control, your files have no system, or your photos have been abandoned in oblivion due to the sheer amount of aardvark photos you took at your last family zoo trip…Amanda teaches clients how to get started and how to utilize the tech tools that are available to get organized and stay organized.

Everything has energy, and it’s in your life for a reason… get organized and let those things be of service to you, whether it's for practicality or joy; it’s important.

If you wanna hear more from Amanda, check out her podcast Good Enough-ish and find out about her services with a special discount on the Indigo Organizing website.


  • Your physical AND digital environment are a reflection of your brain.
  • What it means to let go of the ‘shoulds’.
  • The practicality of “Sparking Joy”.
  • Done-With-Digital Organizing, Four 1 hour sessions.
  • Understanding tech so it can help you stay organized and find joy.

We covered a lot of ground. Be honest, do you think your digital life might be as cluttered as mine? What’s sparking joy for you and what should you know you’ve gotta let go of? Let me know on Insta!



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