Episode 38: Goal: Make No Regret Decisions With Shannon Lee Simmons



Goal: Make No Regret Decisions With Shannon Lee Simmons

Goal: Make No Regret Decisions With Shannon Lee Simmons


Mo’ money more problems; no money more problems.

We all have a relationship with money; we spend money, owe money, save money, throw big piles of money in your bathtub, and swim in it? (sounds like a thousand paper cuts to me).

Whatever your deal is with money, Shannon Lee Simmons, founder of the New School of Finance has the secrets figured out. She's a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Investment Manager, and *drum roll please* a life coach!

Today in this long awaited convo, she answers some big questions like how to get out of a financial rut, totally turn things around, or make really big emotional decisions around money…and do all of this with no regrets.

You’ll learn that Shannon’s philosophy around money has one surprising special ingredient, hope. Small acts of hope indicate work toward a future in which you have reached and are continuing to reach those important goals in life.

And I know some of you will be stoked to find out, Shannon’s first step to saving cash isn't nixing takeout or your beloved morning coffee run. Your money is well... yours, and you should enjoy it. The key is knowing how much you CAN spend on the things you enjoy.

Money goals are a lot like fitness goals; it takes grit, ditching the all or nothing mindset, and small, sustainable actions over time.

You gotta listen to the full pod to really get the scope of Shannon’s advice—stay to the end for resources for my fellow Canadians. All national and international listeners alike can access Shannon’s books and courses too!


  • Find total clarity and create a long term plan for your money.
  • Can you actually manifest money?
  • Do you need to give up take out and morning coffee runs to be financially savvy?
  • How little acts of hope make the biggest financial impacts.
  • How to find the balance of spending and saving.
  • The secret to making emotional finance decisions with no regrets.

We hit on a lot of hot points, I know many can relate to. What stuck out the most for you? Ever made a good financial decision with a bad outcome? Do you regret it…after listening, why or why not? Let me know on Insta!



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