Episode 13: Grit: How Not To Feel Sorry For Yourself When It’s Hard



Grit: How Not To Feel Sorry For Yourself When It's Hard

Grit: How Not To Feel Sorry For Yourself When It's Hard


*sniff, sniff* Does anyone smell that? The overwhelming stench of bullsh*t up in here?

If you’re tuning in, get ready for a loving b*tch slap.

I’m talking about excuses and while there are many aromas *see my book or DM me on Insta for more on that*. The particular one I've seen clouding up the room lately? Victim mentality.

That energy (BIG VIC ENERGY) that gets you stuck in those woe-is-me stories and holds you back from meeting your challenges.

It’s actually when we are pushed to our physical limits when we find out our true reactions, so what’s yours?

If you wanna meet your goals, you're gonna have to get uncomfortable. I know I know, you’re cozy in that bed made of soft excuses. But despite what you’re telling yourself, that's the opposite of self-compassion.

Self-compassion is actually allowing yourself to grow and accept the challenge. That’s Hero Energy.

So lean in to find out what to look for when you're approaching victim energy, and how to stop it in its tracks!

I promise it won’t hurt (actually no. I don’t.)


  • A loving b*tch slap from Oognah.
  • How to sniff out the victim energy that's holding you back.
  • Self-compassion is the opposite of excuse-making energy.
  • How to step into your hero energy.

What thoughts happen when you meet you’re pushed to your physical limits? How are you gonna beat victim energy?

Let me know on Insta!



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