Episode 27: Grit: Survive the Maintenance Phase of a Weight Loss Journey



Grit: Survive the Maintenance Phase of a Weight Loss Journey

Grit: Survive the Maintenance Phase of a Weight Loss Journey


What if I told you it’s okay to maintain the body you’re in, even if you haven't reached your fitness goals yet?

Put down the weights, drop your meal prep containers, and listen… Maintenance is not stopping that work towards your goals; it’s actually an important piece of the process.

Now, maintenance and a plateau are not the same thing; you’ll have to listen in for the differentiation so you can get a clear picture of what you need to do.

The most important thing is listening to your body (no, your muscles are not going to be screaming; let me rest; I mean, if they did, would you listen?). Here are some ways you can tune in:

-10 minute rule: After 10 minutes of warm-up, if you still feel tired, run down and, not totally stoked for your workout... move to a more restorative form of exercise.
-Full recovery: Before your next workout, your muscles should feel fully recovered from the last time you worked them.
-Energized not exhausted: You want to end your workouts feeling amazing, not like a roadkill.

Alright, so now that we know WHEN you need it, let's talk HOW. Because active recovery is not sitting on your ass; that’s just called sitting on your ass.

-Reduce volume and intensity of workouts, but don’t stop moving.
-Prioritize sleep (check out last week's badass guest for more sleep advice).
-A shit ton of water: i.e. half your body weight in ounces
-Don't eat like an ASSHOLE, take this as a chance to drop the strict rules and focus on eating to feel good, full, and satisfied.

Whether you crave constant movement, you feel like exercise is somehow the only valid form of self-care (it’s not), or your head is full of fat anxiety chatter... Remember that active recovery and maintenance are not going to hurt your goals. In fact, it will only help it!


  • Maintenance versus plateau…what’s the difference?
  • When to chill and tips for listening to your bod.
  • Active Recovery: Surprise! It’s not sitting on your ass.
  • Mindful reminders for constant movers and fat anxiety

Is it time to give your body a break and move into active recovery for even better results? What’s holding you back? Is it fat anxiety, or can you just not survive a day out of the gym?

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