Episode 16: Goal: Find Your Purpose with Kusudi Muithi



Goal: Find Your Purpose with Kusudi Muithi

Goal: Find Your Purpose with Kusudi Muithi


To be or not to be, that is the question.

Okay, no this isn’t a lesson on Shakespeare but it IS a reality check on who you are being.

Kusudi Muithi was everything he shouldn’t be until he wasn’t. From life in the streets, in and out of jail, and even surviving a gunshot to the head (talk about a sign that you’re meant for great things!?).

He was in jail when he finally reached his threshold for pain and turned inward to find out who he really was and his life changed forever.

If you’re looking for a magical guru to hold your hand and lead you to an open door of success, Kusudi isn’t that. He’s much more.

Learn that it’s time to realize you’ll never find your purpose, because guess what? It’s not lost.

Or that in order to reach your “goals” they have to become commitments.

Kusudi has this poetic way of sharing all of this incredible wisdom and advice, you’ve just got to hear it for yourself.


  • Why you’ll never find your purpose.
  • We all have different pain tolerances; what’s your breakthrough moment?
  • What’s the difference between a goal and a commitment?
  • Why YOU should be creating value in every program you join.
  • Stop worrying about who you are and worry about who you’re being.
  • Coat check? Is the “coat” you’re wearing right for this season of your life?

Kusudi dropped some awesome knowledge and perspectives, what stuck with you the most?

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