Episode 35: Woo Woo Shit: The Top Health Trends of 2023



Woo Woo Shit: The Top Health Trends of 2023

Woo Woo Shit: The Top Health Trends of 2023


Happy New Year! Let's talk about health trends.

They’re bullshit.

Bye, see ya next week!

Okay seriously… I did take a Google dive into what was spun by the media as super duper important to your health this past year and found some interesting things.

Mushrooms [we’re talking powders, capsules, and teas with benefits ranging from nutritional additives to stress management], Sleep Syncing [this is not a new sleep hack and I do really find it beneficial], Mouth Taping [stop snoring but sleep with a piece of tape over your mouth? No thanks], & Face Yoga [okay, you HAVE to watch the video for my beautiful demonstration, although I can’t promise it’ll erase your double chin].

Tune in for some other trends I get asked about A LOT. I’ll give you my take, including the unlikely reason Ice Baths are actually a trend I can support.

Health trends come and go, and most of the time they’re harmless. Do your research and if they really fuel your fire... Go for it.

But be warned, these fads alone will do jack shit for changing your life and how you feel about yourself.

What will? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The 7 habits of highly healthy MF’s.

Eat a shit ton of veggies, go the f*ck to sleep, back away from the booze, chill out, dude, eat everything... in a balanced way, prep and plan your food, and exercise consistently.

That is a lot of effort, but these are the things that really matter. So if these novel and media-crazed trends don’t make you feel totally amazing... ignore them.

Need something to fill your brain? Instead, challenge your mind. Try asking yourself questions that can light you up. What’s your why? When was the last time you felt your best? Idk dude find the questions that mean something to YOU.

At the end of the day… or the start of the year… do what makes you happy! (Alongside those 7 super important habits and your life WILL be changed).


  • What’s up with the latest and greatest health trends?
  • Are health trends vital to a healthy life?
  • The 7 habits that beat out health trends every single time.
  • Questions that might fuel your fire.

Okay so you’ve got the 7 healthy habits on lock, but you want something new and fun to add... Is there a trend you’re super excited about trying? OR maybe one you’re totally staying away from? Let me know on Insta!



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