Episode 20: Grit: What To Do When You’re Fat



Grit: What To Do When You’re Fat

Grit: What To Do When You’re Fat


You step on to your bathroom scale, the room gets dim, and as you see the higher than expected number, a blood curdling scream comes out…YOU ARE FAT is written on the mirror in chocolate. (A little dramatic but did I get the tone right?)

Look, YOU are not fat; you just have fat. And there is absolutely no human trait directly related to extra adipose tissue. But it is normal to have a weight range (an amount of fat) you are comfortable with, and when that number has creeped up, it’s also normal to feel uncomfy.

So, like, what do you do?

First, DONT FREAK THE FUCK OUT. It is what it is; don’t let it take over your personality, don’t jump to extremes, don’t hop aboard the yo yo diet train... Just calmly and collectively make your way to step two.

CURIOSITY AND CALM COURSE COLLECTION. Hmmmm, this fat didn't get here all on its own; something happened. But what? Reflect on your habits, make a hypothesis, and then test that hypothesis in a calm, simple way.

Lastly, all the while…DO IT FAT. (By IT, I mean life, sex, self love, shopping, beach trips, you name it.) Don’t put your life on hold for a thinner self; ultimately, the confidence and self love you need to become thin happens when you’re fat.

But for real, letting your habits slip is not evil, consuming more calories than you’re expending does not make you a bad person. It’s all just information.

Listen all the way to the end of the episode for an update on the pod. Chat soon!


  • Why do you feel so strongly about extra adipose tissue?
  • 3 steps for when the scale is creeping up and you’re uncomfy.
  • Embodying confidence, self love, and the do anything attitude—even when you’re fat.

This episode we talked about being fat, but I’ve talked about a lot of goals and grit and well you know the name of the show…what was your favorite? What do you want to see more of?

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