Episode 22: Goal: Design Your Home Like A Healthy MFer with Melanie Zaelich



Goal: Design Your Home Like A Healthy MFer with Melanie Zaelich

Goal: Design Your Home Like A Healthy MFer with Melanie Zaelich


Are you house blind in a slump of anxiety and stress, OR are you living in a highly healthy MFin’ house?

When Melanie Zaelich became an MFer and let me bully her into cleaning out her pantry, she got to thinking... Healthy habits aren’t just for the kitchen; they belong in every space in your house.

Melanie owns Happy Place Interiors, and she has created a service that connects 5 elements of design with the 7 habits for highly healthy MFers (inspired by my book… ARE YOU KIDDING!?). She calls it Wellness-Focused Interior Design.

So after I composed myself from being so totally flattered, I had to know what this was all about.

In today’s episode, Melanie teaches us all about intentional vibes and the elements of design that you have to consider to get you there. 

Sight lines - What do you SEE when you’re standing in your space? Is your kid's stuffed toy chest bringing you peace or stress?
Color - The color of walls, furniture, and decor can add or subtract energy from a space. Did you know red actually increases appetite? Yeah, maybe you should skip the red walls in the kitchen.
Stuff - How much do you have? I’m telling you to get the junk out of your pantry. Melanie says to get the junk out of your house too!
Light - Where are your sources of natural light? Do you have lamps? Lighting really sets the mood (see what I did there?!).
Air quality - Plants, plants, plants! They improve the air quality in your home and dramatically change a space.

Interest peaked yet? Already thinking of the danger zones in your home? Don’t miss Melanie’s breakdown of the 7 habits and hear how she helps her clients specifically relate them to spaces in their home.

I’ll give you a sneak, Habit #1: Go the f*ck to sleep... definitely requires design attention in the bedroom.

PS: Oopsie...wrong plant! Melanie meant "Snake Plant". It's low maintenance, needs little water and can live in low to no natural light — making it perfect for almost any situation.


  • How does the space inside your home affect you, your happiness, and your vibe?
  • Can you really have ‘healthy habits’ in home design?
  • The 5 elements of happy place interiors.
  • The 7 habits for a highly healthy MFin’ house.

We covered colors that increase appetites, self sabotaging storage, and other interesting habits when it comes to house design. What was the most surprising? What are you gonna fix first?

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