Episode 23: Woo Woo Shit: Manifesting Miracles At Disneyland With Kit And Rose Volcano



Woo Woo Shit: Manifesting Miracles At Disneyland With Kit And Rose Volcano

Woo Woo Shit: Manifesting Miracles At Disneyland With Kit And Rose Volcano


Woah oh oh oh... it’s magic?

Kit and Rose Volcano are magic miracle makers, healers, coaches, and transformational experts. But they weren't always. This couple has a winding journey that involves a yoga studio in North Carolina and then in Scotland, from being nearly homeless to purchasing a million dollar home.

Kit has this really interesting Apple-No Apple theory, where you hold out your hand and chant apple over and over… Well, really, I can’t explain it, so you'll have to listen for yourself.

But the idea is that most people aren’t tapping into their inner magic. This is the place where you live, create, and embody your ideal outcomes internally before you even start tackling it for real.

Kit and Rose both share their story of having an “identity come to”, and explain that to first get there, you have to go on a journey of self love and self worth, and create that ideal identity from the inside out. [The prize for completing this journey? The balls to wear their amazing I LOVE MYSELF bomber jacket.]

One piece of their magical puzzle is Manifestation Disney. They share how this came to be, but they equate Disney with a ritualistic environment of lights, pageantry, and the expectation of change.

TBH, I don’t think they’re wrong. Disney is a place of magic, joy, and true bliss. Kit and Rose say you can become so present in that bliss that you connect to the universe and manifest truly unexplainable feats, like real life success stories of saving Rose’s dad's life, curing cancer, or finding a 4 year old boy a heart transplant.

So… HOW. DOES. THIS. WORK. Kit and Rose don’t have any quantum physics to teach us; it’s all about believing. You believe that the electricity in your house will function when you flick the light switch in total darkness. This is like that. Trust the mystery.


  • How important are self love and self worth to fulfilling your identity?
  • How to tap into your internal vision.
  • Can you really manifest miracles at Disneyland?

I promised there'd be some woo woo shit, and here it is. But let’s talk about self love. Where are you at on that journey, and how is it impacting everything else you want for yourself?

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