Episode 25: Woo Woo Shit: How To Calm Your Mind With Chris Bailey



Woo Woo Shit: How To Calm Your Mind With Chris Bailey

Woo Woo Shit: How To Calm Your Mind With Chris Bailey


When I first picked up How to Calm Your Mind, I didn’t realize this was the book I NEEDED!

Chris Bailey, productivity expert, author, speaker, and master of calm, tells the story of how he caught a glimpse of himself in the overflow drain (yeah, that's what that weird metal piece in your tub is called), only to see he looked forlorn, sad, and depleted. The next day, he had a public anxiety attack.

We are all Chris. We all fall somewhere on the anxiety spectrum and surprise… the bottom of the spectrum is not 0 anxiety…it’s beyond that:`q1 deeply calm. But how do we get there?

First, we need to truly understand the word burnout. We throw this word around like candy, but to really be burnt out you need to have these three signs: Exhaustion (ding ding ding), Cynicism (talking to you, Negative Nancy), and Inefficacy (Yeah the OPPOSITE of productivity).

And what causes these? Chris explains 6 factors that occur at work and all throughout your life. If these aren't aligning with your beliefs and needs, you will most certainly reach your boiling point.

Then there's the matter of dopamine. That chemical our brain is constantly chasing, but isn’t always finding truly fulfilling. Chris explains the concept of a “Stimulation Fast” where you eliminate these empty sources of dopamine for an extended period of time.

The easiest example? Social media. It consumes a ton of our time but leaves us with almost no satisfaction. When you remove these stimuli, you find you have time for your hobbies, passions, and needs that truly do bring fulfillment and happiness (bye bye TikTok, helloooo knitting!?).

Most of us want to live a life that's meaningful. Chris asks this really beautiful and eye opening question that I want you to consider…

Are you in pursuit of a life that you find personal value in or that the world values?


  • Why exactly would you want to calm your mind?
  • Burnout is more than just exhaustion. What are the three symptoms?
  • Six factors at work that contribute to burnout, stress, and anxiety… Can you fix them?
  • Do you need stimulation fast? Taking a look at empty sources of dopamine?

If you’re like me, you’re less wanna be calm and more wanna hype up 10x but after reading How to Calm Your Mind, I gained a new understanding of what calm really means. So where do you fall on the anxiety spectrum? Highly anxious or deeply calm?

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