Episode 17: WooWoo Shit: Make Better Decisions Using Intuition with Lisa K



WooWoo Shit: Make Better Decisions Using Intuition with Lisa K

WooWoo Shit: Make Better Decisions Using Intuition with Lisa K


I have a sneaking feeling you’re going to love this episode. Hey! Maybe that’s my intuition!?

You ever feel like you know something but you don’t know how you know it? According to Lisa K, this is actually intuition, and it is information coming from the right side of your brain.

So if you envisioned your eyes rolling back into your head and some spirit coming through you to answer all your questions with bright lights shining out of every orifice, you might be taking this peeking curiosity a little too Woo Woo. (Did you know there is actual science to back this shit up!?)

In our conversation, Lisa K shares how finding (and listening) to her intuition SAVED her life. [woah that’s intense…you don’t have to start out with that, you could try just using it to choose your apples at the grocery store.]

When we start practicing how to use our intuition and recognize when it's speaking to us, we can let it guide very small decisions. The more you do that, the more you will have it there for you when it comes to making big decisions like what career you should try or what house you should buy.

Lisa has a step by step process on how to access this universal wisdom, and today she shares three things you can keep in mind to get started today.

  1. Pause. Listen. Notice what you’re drawn to.
  2. Don’t quiet the chatter of your mind, recognize the difference between your thinking mind and intuitive mind… they might be talking to each other!
  3. Recognize the characteristics of intuition, it is never negative or critical or second guessing.

Oprah, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Einstein... They all directly mention intuition when it comes to their wisdom and success. They must be on to something, right?

It’s time to start listening to the right side of your brain. Check out Lisa K’s freebie to unlock your internal guide.


  • Want access to universal wisdom?
  • How to have an easier life and meet your full potential.
  • How intuition saved Lisa K’s life.
  • What is intuition…really?
  • What is hiding inside the right side of your brain?

What would you do if you always knew the right answer? What decisions are you going to make when you unlock your intuition?

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