Episode 37: Goal: Get the Passion Back In A Long Term Relationship with Dr. Cheryl Fraser



Goal: Get the Passion Back In A Long Term Relationship with Dr. Cheryl Fraser

Goal: Get the Passion Back In A Long Term Relationship with Dr. Cheryl Fraser


Okay, lovely listeners, let’s do a little exercise. [And no, I'm not asking you to break a sweat in this episode.]

Close your eyes and think back to when you and your partner were first together. It was all giggles and romance and constant romps in the bedroom, am I right?

Keep ‘em closed…What does it look like today? Have you entered Marriage Inc.? Friendly routines and business as usual? Scheduling and rescheduling sex that you’re only kinda, sorta interested in?

Dr. Cheryl Fraser is overflowing with wisdom (and redeeming humility) when it comes to long term relationships, finding fine, and then not settling for anything other than exceptional.

She shares familiar anecdotes that we all fall into that affect our internal happiness and our relationships.

Pining after a fictional soulmate, focusing on what you're getting rather than what you’re giving, hyper fixating on the traits your partner doesn't have over what they do—all common stories that ring true to the philosophy that whether you’re happy or not depends on your mind.

She offers solutions and habits to debunk these inner thoughts and do the work on the outside. And she dispels the not so golden rule everyone’s heard: Never Go To Bed Angry.

Resonating? I thought so. Rate your relationship with Dr. Cheryl’s Passion Quiz and tune in for the full episode.

Now, try some of the tips in this episode and go give your partner a smooch! xx


  • Why you shouldn’t settle for fine in your long term relationship.
  • Why romance and passion is important.
  • Tips and advice to rewrite the stories in your mind.
  • You never know: 1 rule to follow before leaving your loved ones.
  • Is it really okay to go to bed angry?

Food addiction can be a triggering topic… What resonated? What did this talk bring up for you? Let me know on Insta!



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