Episode 43: How Not To Age with Dr. Michael Greger



How Not To Age with Dr. Michael Greger

How Not To Age with Dr. Michael Greger


This is one of those moments where I am jumping up and down like a giddy teenager. I got to interview Dr. Michael Greger, a physician and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition.

You’ve probably read or heard of his books, How Not to Die and How Not to Diet but today we’re talking about How Not Age. (Ummm, aging is inevitable, right? Maybe not?)

Dr. Greger’s research cuts through all the nutritional noise and nonsense, and he comes equipped with some really surprising knowledge bombs.

Alright, I know you’re with me in the thought; aging is natural… Just embrace it. Should we? According to Dr. Greger, aging could actually be considered a disease just as natural as tuberculosis or the common cold; should we embrace those too?

In the barrage of pills and potions to cure every ailment and tighten every wrinkle, the cold truth is they won’t save you.

The #1 killer in America? The American Diet and, coming in second, tobacco. HEY! That’s good news; that means we can wake up, be accountable and actually do something about it.

When talking about reducing aging and living a longer life, Dr. Greger explains the Blue Zones. Areas around the world have recorded longer longevity. Well, what’s their secret?

The secret is in the sauce—the plant-based sauce, that is. People in these Blue Zones eat a primarily plant-based diet, and that makes all the difference.

I could rattle off a bunch of mind-blowing research-based facts, like, as far as longevity goes, a burger = 2 cigarettes, or the truth is, spinach makes much more of an impact than extra protein, but you have to listen to all the mind-blowing goodness yourself.

Prepare to be triggered. Prepare to question everything you know. And also, prepare yourself to be equipped with the knowledge that could really stop aging in its tracks.


  • Is aging a disease?
  • What are people in the Blue Zones eating that’s making them live longer?
  • What is the number #1 killer in America?
  • Nutritional guidance that can literally stop aging?
  • Misconceptions about your diet, who should you trust?

I’ll be the first to admit, there were some tidbits in this episode that left me uneasy and a little defensive. What surprised you the most and what are you going to do with that info? Let me know on Insta!




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