Episode 50: Change Your Personality, Change Everything with Shannon Sauer-Zavala



Change Your Personality, Change Everything with Shannon Sauer-Zavala

Change Your Personality, Change Everything with Shannon Sauer-Zavala


Do you have a goal to climb a mountain, but... your day-to-day looks more like watching TV from the couch?

Listen, it turns out you can shift your personality to actually become the person who can reach these really awesome high goals we set for ourselves.

Shannon Sauer-Zavala is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and she works with people to actually shift their personalities away from anxiety and depression and toward their goals.

And did you know those all the rage personality tests are not much more reliable than a Facebook poll?

Seriously. Shannon tells us about the one that matters, The Big 5. It’s basically the gist of the totality of human beings boiled down to 5 overarching traits.

I know, I know you're dying to know what they are. Bear with me because these words totally need publicists: neuroticism, extrovertism, agreeableness vs. antagonism, conscientiousness vs. disinhibition, and openness.

These mumbo jumbo sciency words describe specific tendencies that make up personality and really guide what we are capable of doing.

And guess what? Personality is not static. Actually, Shannon says it gets better with age! Finally, a reason to look forward to the next birthday and stop all this anti-aging bull sh*t!!!

Shannon and I had a great discussion about these 5 traits and what it takes to move the bar to reach those goals!

Surprise, surprise, it has a lot to do with your thoughts! Which—spoiler alert—aren't facts. They are just things you tell yourself. So if you start little by little telling yourself different stuff, you can actually change your behavior AND your personality.

Don’t be fooled and put into a box by personality tests or old habits. You can shift, change, and become whoever you want to be! How cool is that?


  • How reliable are today’s common personality tests?
  • What are The Big 5?
  • Can your personality really change!?
  • What’s holding you back from your goals and how to push past it.

Finally, we get some validation that we actually get BETTER with age, I mean as far as our personalities go. What personality shifts would you need to make to reach that next big goal?  Let me know on Insta!



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