Episode 15: Goal: Apply Infinite Intelligence To Your Fitness Goals



Goal: Apply Infinite Intelligence To Your Fitness Goals

Goal: Apply Infinite Intelligence To Your Fitness Goals


“Chat GPT, write the show notes for this episode”

Tune in to access INFINITE intelligence.

And like I may not be a tech expert but I’ve gone through my fair share of technology…Some of us had to actually buy the same song on records, cassettes, CDs, and iTunes (this is me not regretting a single cent I’ve spent on Tainted Love by Soft Cell).

Okay, but for real, I’m dropping some really cool information on this free AI, Chat GPT. If you haven’t heard of it check it out at the link and tune in for the deets.

Want a personal workout plan? A goal-tailored nutrition plan? A jumpstart on a book you wanted to write? A budget plan? Literally anything.

The idea is you give the details to Chat GPT and using the wisdom acquired from every inch of the internet it can give you what you want. Chat GPT functions like a conversation going broad and getting gradually more granular and specific, all dependent on your questions.

Soooo did this just put me out of business? (NO!) This is just information…something you’ve never had a shortage of.

When it comes to reaching goals; WHAT to do is not the barrier. Actually doing it is.

To start *actually doing it* you need to ask yourself questions. And just like Chat GPT the quality of the answers come from the specificity and quality of the questions.

Are you asking: Why am I not further in life? Why can’t I lose weight? STOP. Here’s a secret tip: Get better questions.

Nobody, not even infinitely wise chat GPT, is armed with the unique and impactful questions that have the knowledge of you.

I get even more deep and intellectual in the episode. Don’t believe me? Listen and find out!


  • The massive benefit of infinite wisdom with free AI.
  • How can Chat GPT build you a personal workout or nutrition plan?
  • How to use Chat GPT by asking the RIGHT questions?
  • Why information is not the barrier you think it is.
  • How to start asking better questions.

What questions are you going to ask Chat GPT? Or Yourself!?

Let me know on Insta!



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