Episode 49: Lessons From The Crappy Childhood Fairy with Anna Runkle



Lessons From The Crappy Childhood Fairy with Anna Runkle

Lessons From The Crappy Childhood Fairy with Anna Runkle


Did you have a crappy childhood? No, not just that you didn’t get that doll you wanted at the store when you were 5—I’m talking serious stuff.

Anna Runkle is the Crappy Childhood Fairy; she shares her story of childhood trauma coming from a commune style home filled with alcohol and hard drugs. 

She outlines what exactly defines childhood trauma—physical and sexuable abuse, children of addiction, major neglect or abandonment, lack of personhood—and it is important to note that these things are not always a result of parenting and economic status. 

Anna hit a trauma storm in her 30s, culminating in a plan to end her life she shared with a friend, and then she had a total awakening. Anna credits this to her daily writing practice.

Yes. Daily writing and restful meditation healed Anna and saved her life. Now, it's clear that it's not a magic wand, and its not just spilling your guts on everything that makes you sad; there is a very specific technique, but for her, when its done consistently, 80% of her problems evaporate.

Dysregulation is a powerful symptom of CPTSD, causing loss of temper and difficulty discerning positive decisions. 

Anna shares tips in this episode like how to stop getting triggered, how to create ‘Ninja’ boundaries, and *wait, your really gonna love this one*—diet and exercise. She even talks about how to handle your dysregulated states with loved ones.

Is a diagnosis really necessary? How do you know if you have CPTSD? What do you do next? We get into all of that in the episode, so don't miss this one. 

Hey! Even if you had a fantastic childhood, you’re sure to benefit from some of these tips!


  • What constitutes a crappy childhood?
  • How do you know if you have CPTSD?
  • A daily practice that can evaporate 80% of your problems?
  • Knowing that therapy and medication aren't always the answer.

Anna talks a lot about her very specific writing technique, which she credits a lot of her healing to; be sure to check out the link for that! What resonated most with you today? Do you think you suffer from CPTSD?   Let me know on Insta!



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