Episode 19: Grit: Resilience and Healing After Trauma with Shannon Moroney



Grit: Resilience and Healing After Trauma with Shannon Moroney

Grit: Resilience and Healing After Trauma with Shannon Moroney


Imagine being 30, thriving, living your BEST life, and one simple knock at the door changing EVERYTHING.

Shannon Moroney is the author of Through the Glass, her personal story filled with love, loss, violence, pain, empowerment, and growth.

We ask the question, can love be erased by behavior? The trauma and aftermath of Shannon’s first husband's violent crimes lead to nuanced discussions on grief and support.

Shannon calls her story "unique, not unrelatable”. (There are millions of people in prison, so why are we considering the pain and trauma of the loved ones on the outside?)

I hope this episode challenges you to consider how you’re supporting your friends and family through a crisis. Are you listening? Find the Words is Shannon’s greeting card line, which she designed specifically to help you say the right things—or, more importantly, not say the wrong things.

From victim to empowered, Shannon chose her happiness and saved her soul. She now works toward achieving restorative justice as a victim advocate and as a private practice trauma therapist.

What would you do when the unthinkable happens? Let Shannon Moroney inspire you!


  • A story of love, loss, violence, pain, empowerment, and growth.
  • What should you say to your loved ones in crisis?
  • The other side of the justice system, loved ones on the ‘outside’.
  • What is restorative justice?
  • Moving through trauma toward soul saving happiness.

Can you believe the strength and GRIT in Shannon?! She offers some great advice on how to support loved ones in crisis. How do you lend your listening ear? Or if you’ve been there, what has been the best support YOU’VE received?

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