Episode 9: Goal: Break Through To The Next Stage of Your Fitness Journey



Goal: Break Through To The Next Stage of Your Fitness Journey

Goal: Break Through To The Next Stage of Your Fitness Journey


Excuse me while I hop onto my soapbox.

Whether you’re lost, confused, or stuck...regardless of where you’re at on your journey you CAN feel confident, in control, and kick ass.

I used to be a big fan of the (get ready to sound super sciency) Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, as I helped my clients move through their fitness journey. But I realized it doesn’t have to be this rinse, repeat cycle of back to square one.

Let’s look at fitness like the stages of life, maybe you’re an emerging MF’er (Master of Fitness that is), a feisty teen, or making your way to a full-grown ass adult.

Whatever spot you find yourself in I’m letting you in on the skills and tools to keep pushing and love yourself right where you’re at. Because it’s okay (it’s even great) to be confident in yourself and still want to grow and change.

Look, I'm not promising it’s gonna be easy but I AM saying that if you conquer your physical health, the effects are bound to ripple through the rest of your life. *steps off soapbox*

If you’re curious about where I’d place you on your journey take my quiz at Fit Feels Good.


  • What the heck is the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change?
  • Oonagh’s guide to fitness as the stages of life.
  • The tools and skills you need to be a MF’er.
  • The key to loving yourself AND wanting to grow.

Where are you in the fitness stage of life?

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Because your dream life (and your dream bod) isn’t just going to happen because you made a vision board. It takes Goals. It takes Grit. And it takes some woo-woo sh*t."

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