Episode 21: Grit: 300lbs and Running Slow AF with Martinus Evans



Grit: 300lbs and running slow AF with Martinus Evans

Grit: 300lbs and Running Slow AF with Martinus Evans


Featured in Runner’s World and even nude in Men’s Health, Martinus Evans breaks all stereotypical norms for a marathon runner.

As a 300lb black man, Martinus is a beacon of support for the nontraditional running community on a mission to share the hidden curriculum of long distance running (hellooooo Body Glide].

Energy, positivity, inspiration—these barely break the surface of what Martinus brings to a race. But what started this journey? A moment in 2012 when his doctor told him to “lose weight or die”.

But weight loss doesn’t mean sh*t when it comes to happiness! When a car accident almost took running from Martinus, he realized that the joy of running and training was more important to him than being *skinny*.

Listen, as the man himself says... Everyone starts at 0. So it’s either someday or day 1.

What are you gonna do? Keep sitting on your ass contemplating when you’re gonna get started, or pop in your headphones and hear from Martinus on how to get your mindset right, non traditional runner or not.


  • What happened when a doctor told Martinus Evans to “lose weight or die”?
  • Does weight loss mean happiness?
  • What does it mean to “chase goals, crush values”?
  • A beacon of support for nontraditional runners.

Martinus shares so many inspiring words of wisdom when it comes to running black or as a nontraditional runner, what resonated with you most?

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