Episode 34: Grit: Hormones, Hashimotos and Adrenal Fatigue Dr. Sadaf Jeelani



Grit: Hormones, Hashimotos and Adrenal Fatigue Dr. Sadaf Jeelani

Grit: Hormones, Hashimotos and Adrenal Fatigue Dr. Sadaf Jeelani


“Hey hormones!! What the hell is going on?”

Dr. Sadaf Jeelani drops the truth about hormones and diseases and what’s causing weight retention.

Dr. Jeelani explains that you either have a disease process or…you don’t. Some common ones can be Hyperthyroidism or PCOS, and less common but more extreme, Cushings. [Make sure you listen so you can get all her really good smart science talk and find out if you should be concerned and what to do.]

And what about balancing your hormones? That’s a thing, right? Nope. You’ve just gotta trust your pituitary.

Balancing hormones is more of a wellness industry marketing catchphrase with no medical basis. *sheesh* That's a relief! You don't actually have to drop hundreds of dollars on supplements you see on Instagram.

The downer to this revelation is that the fix is boring and hard. And it's more of a forever lifestyle change than a “fix”. Yup. I’m gonna say it and so does Dr. Jeelani…the secret to feeling better is solid nutrition, consistent strength training and movement, better sleep, drinking water, and reducing stress.

Surprised? I’m sure you’re not. Dr. Jeelani brings on the info when it comes to the medical implications of obesity, fad diets, surgeries, and medication you don’t actually need.

So you heard it, people. There's no quick fix. Being healthy is a lifelong journey that takes positive choices and habits, day after day after day.


  • I’m retaining weight…is there something medically wrong?
  • Can you actually balance your hormones?
  • Health and medical implications of obesity, fad diets, medications, and surgeries?
  • The secret’s out…how to be healthy forever.

Do you have concerns about your health beyond a healthy lifestyle? What symptoms and signs that Dr. Sadaf Jeelani described applies to you? What’s your next step? Let me know on Insta!



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