Episode 8: Goal: Better Boners with Mindy Mylrea



Goal: Better Boners with Mindy Mylrea

Goal: Better Boners with Mindy Mylrea


Don't let your penis disappear from sight! If you can't see it while standing, it's time to pump up your heart health.

Mindy Mylrea's book "The Plant Powered Penis" is changing the game of sexual organ health. After her husband's prostate cancer diagnosis, Mindy and her husband switched to a plant-based diet and movement-based lifestyle and never looked back.

The book not only covers penises (we’re talking lady health too), but also relationship tips, plant-based recipes, exercise advice…the list goes on. Along with evidence-based eating and science-backed advice, Mindy shares her experience of living a clutter-free life on the road with her husband in their RV, wrapped in fruits and veggies.

When it comes to penises…you either have one or you know one. Check out Mindy’s work and say fuck that to ‘normal’ (what’s normal anyway?) aging and health decline with her workshop, "One Day to Wellness" or her book "The Plant Based Penis".


  • How can a plant based diet improve penis health?
  • The effect, benefits, and temporary discomfort of changing your gut biome.
  • What is a Blue Zone and how can you replicate this lifestyle?
  • Essentialism: Cutting out the excess to make room for what matters.
  • Penis facts and stories for better organ health.

What surprised you most about the correlation between diet and sexual health?

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