Episode 32: Woo Woo Shit: Being Totes Psychic (and Way Happier) With Reverend Meg



Woo Woo Shit: Being Totes Psychic (and Way Happier) With Reverend Meg

Woo Woo Shit: Being Totes Psychic (and Way Happier) With Reverend Meg


Reverend Meg and her guides join the pod in this episode to explain the woo behind being psychic and happy.

At the core of our talk is the classic story—think victim, villain, and hero—complete with an ego takeover that's basically us being "pretty apes" on autopilot thanks to our ancient fight or flight vibes.

We also talk triggers…unfortunately more of a problem for women but still such a catalyst to those victim roles. Rev Meg's advice? Detach your worth from those triggers like you're unplugging from a bad Netflix series.

But don’t just scroll on past; Rev Meg explains how to do more than bypass those garbage feelings by turning inward to isolate, identify, track the story, and reveal the truth.

Are you ever stuck on that side of social media that's draining and triggering you over and over?

Rev Meg likens spiritual and social media algorithms; you get what you give attention to. Picture it: spiritual TikTok as a vortex of enlightenment

Later, we're getting psychic, intuitive, and spiritual. Positive thinking, conscious flow, and practice.

Shifting your thinking is not a lightswitch, and as Rev Meg so perfectly says, the universe is NOT your uber. It takes action without resistance.

As you tune in, give yourself permission to think positive thoughts about yourself, your body, and your life. And don’t miss Rev Meg’s guide Cassandra and her incredible words of wisdom from beyond.

Find Rev Meg’s viral videos, amazing guided meditations, and coaching info at the links below.


  • The classic victim, villain, and hero roles; how do they impact inner stories?
  • Tips to get past triggers and do the work.
  • Giving yourself permission to think positive thoughts and love yourself.
  • How to change your spiritual and social media algorithm.
  • Flow: the universe is NOT uber.

A lot of our discussion comes back to these classic roles, where do you default to? Victim, Villain, or Hero? How does that impact YOUR story?

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