Episode 31: Grit: Women Who Dressed Like Men To Do Shit They Weren’t Supposed To Do With Tracy Dawson



Grit: Women Who Dressed Like Men To Do Shit They Weren't Supposed To Do With Tracy Dawson

Grit: Women Who Dressed Like Men To Do Shit They Weren't Supposed To Do With Tracy Dawson


Sugar, spice, and everything nice—that's what girls are made of?

Tracy Dawson’s book, Let Me Be Frank (awesome title, am I right?)...pieces together history from the lives of women who dressed up like men to pursue their hopes, dreams, goals, and general badassery.

We hear about Hannah Snell, who went off to war as a man to find her philandering husband, only to realize she loved being a soldier. And Dorothy Lawrence, who pursued journalism during the World War under the guise of manhood.

There are die hard sports fans from Iran who spent time learning perfect makeup to transform into men to see their favorite teams live.

BUT it wasn’t always so virtuous or wholesome either. Tracy tells the stories of history’s anti-heroines: a tortuous witch hunter and mutinous lady pirates.

The breadth of research that went into this book is insane. And when it comes to goals and grit, these stories have it, along with a lot of lessons.

Dressing as men gave these women freedom of movement in society to pursue dreams and ideals never possible for a woman, but also with their bodies freed from the shackles of girdles and long skirts.

This is a must-read; you can find it anywhere you get books. And when you do, take strength from these stories of women who have faced the shit and put themselves first.


  • The brave tales of women disguised as men to achieve their goals.
  • It's not all for good, the anti-heroines in men’s clothing.
  • A perspective on freedom and mens clothing.
  • Strength, grit and goals: what became possible when women put themselves first in history.

What story surprised you the most when it came to these women’s disguises and adventures? Would you change your appearance to achieve a wild goal or live a lawless life?

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