the 10,000 step Challenge!

Did you know that the average sedentary person only covers 1000-3000 steps per day? This is 7000-9000 less than what is recommended for improved health and well being!

One way to motivate your group to get away from their desk is the Fit Feels Good 10,000 Challenge!

  • Participants will receive a high quality digital pedometer and will be able to track their progress online, using your company’s customized online platform
  • Participants will receive motivational emails and have access to their Fit Feels Good trainer for questions during the Challenge
  • Participants can compete as individuals or in teams, which is fantastic for building team camaraderie.
  • This is a competition anyone of any fitness level can participate in.
  • Prize money can be built into the registration cost so the cash pot grows with registration. Alternately, employees can donate prizes.
  • Reward will be given for improvement as well as most steps so everyone feels successful!

For an additional fee, you can hire a Fit Feels Good Trainer to come onsite and lead a motivational launch and 5000 step walk and/or a Closing Ceremonies to celebrate the achievements of those that increased their daily activity level!


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